Building Your Influence: The First Steps to Becoming an Influencer

Building Your Influence: The First Steps to Becoming an Influencer

04 Jun 2023

Building Your Influence: The First Steps to Becoming an Influencer

International influencers' market size caps around $16.4 billion at present. In the upcoming days, it’s expected to raise over 100 billion dollars too. Makes a lot of us wonder why we haven't started content creation yet!

Why are you reading this article? Are you a newcomer to the world of content creation in Bangladesh? Wait, let me guess, you already follow tons of influencers, you watch their content, and you don’t need schooling on how to start off your journey, right? 

We understand how you feel. Yet once you start off, if you feel like giving up, if you find yourself with no more ideas for the next content, then do remember this article because this is exactly what you would be looking for! 

Building up your presence and becoming an influencer is way harder than what meets our eyes! The biggest content creators that we know all went through a process followed by efforts, consistency, quality, and many other things. So if you are starting off, look no further. This article here will help you build a strong core to place your mark among the influencers industry in Bangladesh.

Step 1: Clear the confusion: Decide on a Niche

What type of videos do you want to create? If you ask someone, they might always want to teach people through their content or want to make funny ones. Sometimes they even want to make videos on how to write in a way people can relate. But you see, if we start making content in all these categories at the same time, our audience base, those who see our content, will not be a stable one. They will not follow us for such diversity while we are starting off too. 

So what do you do? You identify the area or topic that you want to focus on in your content. Bangladeshi audiences have a vast range of interests. Some of them like to watch food content, while others like gaming content. That is why it's important to find a niche that you're PASSIONATE about, a niche where you can relate to your audience. Some examples: food, fashion, education, travel, lifestyle, or any other topic that you know you are fit for.

Step 2: Set your standard: Produce Quality Content

Once you have finally defined your niche, it's time to start creating content. Or we can rephrase it and say “Quality Content” as well. See, Quality is something that will build your name and your brand and gain you, followers. 

Now you can ask, “How does anyone make Quality content? I have this average Android phone with a not-so-good camera.” It’s completely fine if the equipment is not up to a standard at the beginning. There are a few ways you can determine this “Quality” in your content: 
1. Concept Quality 
2. Visual Quality
3. Relatability
4. Style of Delivery (Uniqueness)
5. Goal (The “Why” of this content)

Let’s say you are someone who is trying to establish your name in the influencer industry as a goofy, funny influencer who makes people laugh. Now that is your goal from the content, right? To entertain people by making them laugh. 

Now to achieve this goal, if you make content that’s conceptually VERY FUNNY, visually attractive, really relatable to your audience's life that they can completely relate to and put an extra sauce of your own unique personality to it? Voila! Your content will be on fire! 

Visual quality is only a part of this whole thing. So, don’t focus on only that. There’s no stopping if you include this in other forms of content too that your audience might enjoy. The more you put your unique style into it, the more you will stand out from the rest.

Step 3: Engage, Engage, Engage

Here comes the important touch part, engaging with your audience. To build a loyal audience, you do not only create content. You do this by promoting your content by engaging with your audience. Your audience is the one for whom you make these videos. So, start responding to comments and messages even if you find only one comment on your content. 

Building a loyal audience takes time and effort, but it’s a rewarding experience. Try taking the responsibility to listen to your audience. They can help you stay socially relevant; they will suggest topics for your content. So, keep transparency with your audience, appreciate their feedback, and own them. Even though in Bangladesh, most of the audience comes and goes, don’t forget to respond to the good ones with a “Thanks.” It will make their day.

Step 4: Set Your Target 

As an influencer who is starting off, setting a target is very important. What influencer do you take as an inspiration? What category do you want to reach throughout this influencer journey? What type of impact do you want to create? 

Set your vision clearly so that influencers from the industry can resonate with you. This will create potential opportunities for future collaborations, and it’s an excellent way to expand your reach. Keep all the future possibilities like brand collaboration and growth in mind too while setting this target. 

Step 5: Stay consistent

You made some content today. You post it for tomorrow and the day after. But after that, you vanish for a month. What will happen? Those audiences who were noticing you will forget that you even existed. Thousands of content are being uploaded for everyone; they will grab your audience’s attention and make them forget who you were. 

So it’s very important to plan ahead. Plan for the next 30 days what are the contents you are looking forward to making? This helps you plan ahead, plan better, and create content without hassle. 

In Conclusion, content creation is not something we are here to teach you. But the structure that’s being followed by hundreds of successful influencers is not something to take less seriously. This article will ultimately give you ideas on starting off, and if you do follow, we hope you will get some really good output on your influencer journey. 


So, are you ready to start this exciting journey? Hoping to see your content soon! 


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