If you have any sort of queries, confusions or are facing any sort of issues, take a look at the FAQ below.

The Marvel - Be You is a data-driven platform to bridge the gap between influencers and brands while aiming to systematically assist the influencers to network & receive their deserved recognition & make a difference for the communication industry.
No. If you are an influencer, this platform is the place to enlist your name so that when the right brand campaign comes we can align you with the brand without hassle. Whether you are a brand or influencer, creating a profile on our platform is fully free.
As an influencer, you can create your profile for free and wait for the right brand campaign to come. When the time comes, we will notify you.
After you do the campaign through Marvel Platform, you’ll get all the accurate data and campaign success details through a report. That way you can identify how many people you have accurately reached through this marketing.
After you create the campaign, Marvel will take care of collaborating with the right influencer to make your campaign a success.
After your campaign is successfully done, we will charge a 15% commission on the whole transaction basis between you and the influencer.
We have more than 26 types of categories of influencers in Bangladesh connecting with us on this platform.
Yes, you can get the reports of the influencers regarding their records on the past campaigns.
Starting from your brief to influencer, Marvel will strategically plan how the content strategy is going to be, also Marvel will enrich the quality of content that you will be getting in return.
It depends on what type of campaign you are going for, what type of audience you are serving. We have more than 200+ influencers we have worked with before. We are pretty sure we can find the perfect fit influencer for your campaign once you sign up with us.
Marvel Be You will find the campaigns that match your category or social media content pattern and based on the requirements, they will connect you with the brand.
Before any brand collaborates with you, The Marvel Be You will give you consultation on how to prepare for the upcoming project and will also assist & guide you throughout the whole procedure. This is what the job consultation part will do.
It’s completely up-to how many the creator can handle. If you can handle more than 5 brand campaigns at the same time maintaining the quality and contents, then 5 it is for you.
There is no service fee to create an influencer profile in The Marvel Be You platform. So sign up now and mark your profile to find the next brand collaboration opportunity.