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The collaboration was praiseworthy

It was an absolute pleasure working with "The Marvel-Be You" for the biggest influencer award event Marvel of Tomorrow Season 2. From the beginning to the end, the entire team was professional, organized, and efficient. Their attention to detail, creative ideas, and ability to bring everything together was truly impressive. The event was a huge success and it wouldn't have been possible without their hard work, dedication, and very efficient team. The level of communication and collaboration was praiseworthy, making the entire experience seamless and enjoyable. Moreover, the fact that they were able to bring so many influencers under one roof which is one in its kind.

Building a proper influencer marketing industry

The Marvel - Be You is not just a data-driven platform it’s a complete solution for influencer marketing, especially for new brands or startups. From generating ideas to getting proper exposure through different & unique influencers’ activities The Marvel - Be You set a benchmark, which is truly helpful in building your brand awareness. Most importantly “The School of Influencers” & “Marvel of Tomorrow Influencers Summit and Award” create an Influencer ecosystem, and build a proper influencer marketing industry where all brands will benefit as well. Long live The Marvel - Be You.

The outcome is outstanding

Marvel is always updated with the influencer industry and is appreciated by KFC. Throughout the campaigns, their transparent data related to different categories of influencers brought excellent results. Looking forward to doing more campaigns and getting excellent results in the upcoming days.


It's great to work with Marvel

Mention brands on social media drive sales. More and more, consumers are looking to influencers for suggestions on what products or services they should purchase. As social media has become more prominent, so has its potential for reaching your target audience. Social media’s role in connecting brands with customers and clients has rapidly grown. Marvel is doing a great job to connect Brands & Influncers in the correct measure where we as a brand can select influencers who are suitable for the brand with correct target customers . Also one stop solution for us to get proper influencers among different types & categories of influencers. Marvel's Projected data before selection of influencers matches with the after work data which is very helpful and reliable.

Brand Testimonials

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Marvel simplifies the process of collaborating with the right influencer. If you have any sort of queries regarding the campaigns or any part of the whole process, take a look at the FAQs below.

After you do the campaign through Marvel Platform, you’ll get all the accurate data and campaign success details through a report. That way you can identify how many people you have accurately reached through this marketing.
It depends on what type of campaign you are going for, what type of audience you are serving. We have more than 200+ influencers we have worked with before. We are pretty sure we can find the perfect fit influencer for your campaign once you sign up with us.
After you create the campaign, Marvel will take care of collaborating with the right influencer to make your campaign a success.
After your campaign is successfully done, we will charge a 15% commission on the whole transaction basis between you and the influencer.
We have more than 26 types of categories of influencers in Bangladesh connecting with us on this platform.
Yes, you can get the reports of the influencers regarding their records on the past campaigns.
Starting from your brief to influencer, Marvel will strategically plan how the content strategy is going to be, also Marvel will enrich the quality of content that you will be getting in return.