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INFLUENCERS Testimonials

Love working with the team since beginning

I must say if I can align with quality and commitments it would be Marvel . They know how to value creators and  their creative freedom .

Loved working with them since the very beginning also thanks for making me feel proud with THE MARVEL BE YOU BEST ENTERTAINER AWARD 

Hope to see more goods in them


Working process feels smooth and clear with Marvel

I don't work with many agencies but Marvel was a great exception as they are working as platform for influencers and brands. I am glad I did. The process was smooth, no unnecessary meetings and the brief was clear - so was the handling of finances. 

A great thing about Marvel is they work with brands people trust. Wishing all the best to the whole Marvel family and looking forward to work with you more and more


Hoping Marvel will shape this scattered industry

I have done multiple works with Marvel. But probably in terms of significance, “School of Influncers” is my favourite one because of the motive and uniqueness of this event. 

Amazing experience with Marvel as they create the bridge between the Brands and the content creators. They always try to serve the purpose of both sides. 

Probably if we can ensure commitment from both creators and brands. Trust is the key player to build an Industry. 

Best wishes to everyone and specially Marvel. Let’s hope this scattered industry will find a good shape and structure.


Their resources are an asset for us as creators!

Creators in Bangladesh really struggle to find a good agency or platform to work with. I’ve been working with Marvel for about two years now and all of the campaigns we worked on together ran smooth like butter. The best thing about Marvel is their communication and professionalism which really makes the work easy and much more reliable. Another interesting feature about marvel is that the prospect of work is not just limited to brand collaborations. Pretty much everything that a creator plans to execute , marvel instantly comes up with a great solution to make it happen. Their resources have been a great asset to me as a creator.

I love how Marvel works for the society

I have collaborated with The Marvel Be You on so many projects, and now I am struggling to remember my first project with Marvel. The most significant one is I think the recently concluded one where I have made two video projects on the Rohingya camp, Cox's Bazar. The focal point of satisfaction in working with Marvel is the warmth and feeling of closeness beyond a professional relationship. They always think about the industry from a welfare and altruist perspective. I have seen them working on many non-funded projects where there are no business incentives, but they were doing it just for the sake of society. My advice will be to maintain this professionalism in the future.


Overall, the team is very friendly.

It was good. The team is very responsive and friendly. I felt comfortable with the collaborations and looking forward to more


The Biggest platform for influencers in Bangladesh

The Marvel-Be You is the first and the biggest platform for Influencers in Bangladesh. Within a short span of time, it has become a safe organization where professionals and newcomers can make a broader connection and get their recognition.

INFLUENCERS Testimonials


Being an influencer, Marvel gives you the platform to shine doing what you love. In-case you have any queries regarding any of the process, check the FAQs below:

Marvel Be You will find the campaigns that match your category or social media content pattern and based on the requirements, they will connect you with the brand.
Before any brand collaborates with you, The Marvel Be You will give you consultation on how to prepare for the upcoming project and will also assist & guide you throughout the whole procedure. This is what the job consultation part will do.
It’s completely up-to how many the creator can handle. If you can handle more than 5 brand campaigns at the same time maintaining the quality and contents, then 5 it is for you.
There is no service fee to create an influencer profile in The Marvel Be You platform. So sign up now and mark your profile to find the next brand collaboration opportunity.