Mukbang - The Next Big Thing or Upcoming Downfall?

Mukbang - The Next Big Thing or Upcoming Downfall?

04 Jun 2023

Mukbang - The Next Big Thing or Upcoming Downfall?

Have you ever come across a virtual feast on your screen where you see individuals devouring tons of mixed foods all in one sitting? If yes, Welcome to the wild world of Mukbang! But is this online food frenzy here to stay, or is it just a fleeting trend? Let's dive in and find out.

Mukbang, a Korean term for "eating broadcast," has taken the internet by storm. Not to mention, the trend is coming big in Bangladesh as well. From ASMR-style eating sounds to craving food combinations, Mukbang has become a form of entertainment for many people living in different corners of the world.

One of the most popular Mukbang influencers in Bangladesh is Abdullah Al Noman, who has over half a million subscribers on YouTube. He is known for his endless eating and delicious food mixing. Abdullah's videos receive a huge amount of views, and his social media following continues to grow. 

According to Dhaka Tribune, Abdullah Al Noman earns over BDT 150K monthly doing these contents. He didn't stop there. Abdullah also influences the young generation to make youtube videos as it is easier to earn money this way rather than doing a 9-5 Job. 

Another notable Mukbang star in Bangladesh is Hungry Piran, who has gained a large following for his unique approach to Mukbang. With over 1 million subscribers, Hungry Piran is growing steadily. 

While Abdullah and Piran are rising like a storm, there's a Bangladeshi Youtuber named Hungry Balok who used to get over 100k+ average views on his every day doing Mukbang challenges. He quit making Mukbang content and is now trying to feed the poor and make content that gets no views. 

But is it really worth it? 

While Mukbang is a lucrative business for many influencers, it has also faced criticism for promoting unhealthy eating habits and glorifying overeating. Despite the criticism, Mukbang continues to be a hit in Bangladesh and has expanded to include not only eating but also cooking and baking content.

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